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June oPASS Meeting

Posted by sqlwiseguy on June 4, 2008

I attended the June oPASS meeting and post meeting gathering at Bennigan’s this evening. The speakers were Ginny Caughey and Steve Lasker, Program Manager for SQL Server Compact Edition, and, guess what, they spoke on SQL Server Compact Edition. It was a very informative meeting as I have had no experience or exposure to SQL Server CE and the presentation certainly gave me something to think about. I actually have a personal project that I am currently using SQL Server Express with, but I am now considering moving to SQL Server CE. Why? SQL Server CE is lightweight, portable, and appears to meet the application requirements. It would also give me some experience with SQL Server CE which I can use to evaluate it for use in future projects. The database can be packaged with the application and if I want to move it to another PC I can simply copy and paste. After the session 7 of us, including the speakers, adjourned to Bennigan’s for some more discussion. I always find it enlightening to listen to Andy Warren voice his opinions. He is very much an idea guy, and has usually thought through the subject. We discussed the direction of SQL Server CE, Linq to SQL, and SQL Server Data Services. It’s nice to hear about development directions from someone at Microsoft and to see the interest in “user” opinions and ideas.

Once again I found it to be a productive use of my time, even though the topic was not one that seemed to apply to my interests and work. As always, I encourage you to take the time to find and attend user groups in your area.


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