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Improving the blog

Posted by sqlwiseguy on December 17, 2008

Well, this blog has been up for about 9 months now and I have over 50 posts. I don’t know how many “regular” readers I may have, but if you are reading my blog, I’m looking for comments and criticisms (constructive) about it. I believe that I can do a better job with the blog, and I think the best way is to get others to critique what you are doing. So how’s my grammar? What can I do to make the posts easier to read? Are the posts too long or too short? Here’s the big one, do I stay on topic?

I’ve read a few How to blog blogs and tried to pick out the and apply the good stuff.

I really am interested in hearing what you have to say. I know Andy Warren has asked a similar thing in his blog, of course I’m not offering anything in return. You can post a comment on the blog or if you don’t want to criticize me publicly you can email me at corbett.jack@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance, and don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings.

4 Responses to “Improving the blog”

  1. Kendal Van Dyke said

    Aesthetic suggestion: change your RSS feed to include the full text of the post.

  2. Jack said

    Done. The ironic thing is I can’t stand other blogs that don’t include the full post. I’d never looked at the feed before.

  3. Granted said

    I haven’t a clue, but if you get a really good piece of knowledge on this, let me know so I can use it on my blog too.

  4. Steve Jones said

    Settings | Site Feed, first item is full.

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