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Windows 7, UAC, and SQL Server

Posted by sqlwiseguy on September 8, 2009

This is just a quick note, almost a continuation of my Access Denied, Not Possible post.  I have been working on some queries for a Default Trace presentation that I am preparing for the Space Coast User Group and SQLSaturday #21 – Orlando, and one of the queries has to do with trying to find logins that have gained access through a Windows Group.  Since I am working on my laptop (no domain), I decided to add the Builtin\Administrators group, delete my explicit login, and get access via the group.  Interestingly enough, in order to get access to SQL Server via Builtin\Administrators you need to run SSMS as Administrator.  Here’s the error I get when not running SSMS as administrator:

SSMSLoginFailWhen I did run SSMS as administrator, I was able to successfully login to my local SQL Server.

No, I do not leave Builtin\Adminstrators as sysadmin on my servers and with SQL Server 2008, I do not have it at all.


2 Responses to “Windows 7, UAC, and SQL Server”

  1. kbriankelley said

    Yup, because without running as Administrator, you're not. It doesn't treat you as a member of that group, so you don't come in that way.

  2. Jack said

    I understand why it happened just figured that I'd post it because i'm sure someone else will get it and wonder how to get around it.

    Still getting used to UAC. I actually like the concept, but haven't adjusted yet.

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