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An Explanation of Why to Use Stored Procedures

Posted by sqlwiseguy on May 9, 2009

I wish I was a smart as the guys I interact with on sites like SQLServerCentral and TwitterPaul Nielsen, @PaulNielsen on Twitter, has an excellent blog post today on Why Use Stored Procedures that I think is a must read for everyone involved with SQL Server.  I am a huge advocate of stored procedures and Paul does much better job explaining the why’s than I ever could. 

So thanks Paul, now I have someplace to point the nay-sayers.

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Favorite blogs and why I read them

Posted by sqlwiseguy on September 24, 2008

Over the last several months I have added to the blogs I read and I thought I’d share my favorites and the ones I find the most useful. I’ll also share the newsletters and web sites I like.


It Depends – Andy Warren. This is not always a deep technical resource but there is helpful information on Professional Development, Speaking, and SQL Server. I like the fact that he posts often and that his posts are usually fairly short and to the point.

SQL Musings – Steve Jones. Another well rounded blog that has some personal, general professional development and SQL Server content. Again regular posts and not long.

Rock’s Thoughts – Chris Rock. More of a .NET blog. I like Chris’s writing style which is informal and usually entertaining along with informative. He shares real-world problems and solutions. He hasn’t posted as regularly as he was, but when he does post it is worth reading.

Scary DBA – Grant Fritchey. Grant is a guy I have encountered in the forums on SQLServerCentral, and based on the quality of his answers, I started reading his blog.

Bart Duncan’s SQL Weblog
– Bart Duncan. Good blog on msdn for performance tips.

In Recovery – Paul Randal. If you want to know about SQL Server Storage Engine and recovery techniques, this is the place to go.

SSIS Junkie – Jamie Thomson. A great blog on SSIS.

What do I look for in a blog? Regular posts, real-world problems and solutions, and a variety of topics. I’m not interested in BOL regurgitated and these blogs regularly provide information that I can use in my job.

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