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Office 2007 Pro Plus Installation Issues

Posted by sqlwiseguy on August 10, 2009

Since I have an MSDN subscription I downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit this past week.  I installed it on my laptop and then began installing applications.  When I went to install Office 2007 Pro Plus it would start and then hang looking for ProPlsWW.cab.  I attempted the install at least 10 times.  I tried copying the install from the CD to my hard disk, I tried moving PropPlsWW.cab to another location, I tried screaming and yelling at it to “Work you piece of junk!”, but to no avail.  I did look it up on the internet (I am currently using Bing Vs. Google).  The most promising link I found was to delete the 11.0 or 12.0 registry entry under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office.  I did try this and it didn’t work.

I finally unpacked the cab file and saw that the files in it seemed to relate to MS Access.  I re-attempted the install, but this time I did not include Access and I went through all the tools installed and deleted any that referred to Access.  I did not write down what I found because I wasn’t planning to blog about it, and not planning on re-installing again!.  Finally at this point Office installed successfully.  I then re-ran setup, added Access, and viola, install complete.

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